Monday, April 11, 2011

People commit crime for selfish reason.

     Our world today, a crime is committed in any area, and that is very sad, who committed it are among our youth, which is the nation that will shape the world in the near future.The definition of 'crime' is the act that may violate any applicable laws and acts that are not good, and that does not affect the state, nation, society and religion. These criminal acts not only because some people are concerned about themselves, do anything they like without thinking about its impact on the environment, but also due to other factors. 

      Causes of crime, is because parents did not take an important role in educating children. This is because, most parents out there who do not have time to be with the children, because they are busy working. 
Increasingly neglected children and free to do whatever they like. For example, smoking, illegal racing, vandalism, drug addicts and others. Things they can imagine and they are not aware, they do not commit crimes such as stealing, raping, and murdering. 

In addition, the lack of religious upbringing of our society today, especially among teenagers. Lack of knowledge of sin and the reward. Therefore, many cases are afraid to throw the baby because the parents' knowledge of they. In addition, there are also among those who take bribes, breach of trust and that is because they are concerned about their own interests, and ungrateful. 

     Not only that, the pressure of life can also cause some people to commit crimes. 
For example, theft, corruption and so on. Therefore, the necessities of life that is not enough and they are forced to commit crimes. In addition, they have a large family and their salary is not enough to cover their families.
Some people also have needs materialistic extreme, so they were never thankful for what they already have. It is also one of the things that can contribute to crime, like murder, sabotage and piracy. They also do so on the basis of 'selfishness'.

     In conclusion, the ruling parties should take actions and initiatives against this crime.Last but not least, the parents and teachers should be responsible for this, for nationalsecurity is more secure than any criminal act.